After reading your article, I must say that today has apparently identified itself as an all-time low in Critical Race Theory. And I, for one, am deeply disappointed.

For starters, although undoubtedly having indelible roots in and influence from Islamic principles, the Five Percent Nation is distinctly NOT a branch of Islam, as you so incorrectly affirm. The Nation's Founder, the Honorable Clarence 13X, eschewed the tenets and laws of the Nation of Islam in favor of his own doctrine, because he vehemently disagreed with the NOI's precepts of leadership. I might also add that the NOI, while akin, isn't the same thing as Islamic orthodoxy, either. So your article stumbles out the gate already, making it difficult for a thinking person to take anything from this point on seriously.

But, I know that isn't the point. So let's get to it.

Now, while I can relate to the temptation to reconcile or reduce divergent ideas from your own as being "impaired", "dumb", or "foolish", Thought Leaders, unfortunately, do not have the option to avail themselves of this lazy form of communication. They do rather, have the responsibility to thoroughly and efficiently parse those ideas and assertions in order to provide clarity and perspective to them, as to properly equip later generations of Thought Leaders in the aspiration of the advancement of the theories' themselves. In short, always remember that nothing from nothing always leaves nothing.

A brief review of American history will show that the unique relationship between the descendants of enslaved people, and the nation in which they reside, is mired in an unfortunate ministry of double-speak, and as a result, double-thought. The vertex of this-- being far removed from the collective consciousness, thus creates the manifestation of dissent among the people who have more in common than difference, that you tend to see today. Case in point your article. The necessity of survival, therefore, has cultivated and reinforced this dissent, which in turn reinforces it further. What works for one’s own survival, may not work for another, and vice-versa.

The fact still remains, however, that any assertion that Republican policy has absolutely nothing to offer the Diasporic populous is naive at best, and dangerously irresponsible at worst. Your blind loyalties to the Democratic ticket are more of a detriment to Diasporic ideals, than any benefit to them could ever be. One cannot expect to acheive growth and perspective on a subject without first identifying the foundatons of both sides of the subject being studied beforehand. As a result, your article has undoubtedly failed at this task.

Without specifically outlining the benefits of pursuing the strategy of supporting a Republican policy (not only in the interest of brevity, but also to give you the opportunity to do the work yourself), my suggestion to you (and the people who follow you) would be to do some research and reflection on the aspects of empathy and sapience that are required to discern, and possibly make peace with, the people who you so firmly attest that you do not understand. That way, hopefully later generations of Diasporic people can eventually benefit from, and not have to revisit the work that has been done before them.

In short, people who have divergent ideas from yours aren’t "dumb". They have their own experiences and perspectives, and have learned to quantify and internalize them in much of the same ways that you have. They attendended the same schools, came from the same neighborhoods, and share similar experiences as you have. They simply arrived at a different conclusion. This is absolutely nothing to villify, quite the contrary. It is, rather, an opportunity to expand your own consciousness, to be better equipped to defend against and attack the racial inequality that you so vigorously purport to despise.

Slowly gaining dexterity in my opposable thumbs.

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