Hey Lannie, your privilege is showing.

I’m sure that in your enviable life, you have a driveway that provides that sort of convenience. Most do not. I could just imagine a 20-story housing complex with 6,000 charging docks outside, in the parking lot. Fifteen to fifty percent of which are inoperable through neglect, vandalism, and operator misuse. I can see people getting injured or worse while competing for the rest.

I can also see the prohibitive cost increase of these devices, which will surely be beyond the reach of the “average” working class stiff.

There can be no denying that the infrastructure requirement of such a fuel method is inverse to the problem it’s attempting to resolve (at present day, and in the immediate future at least). I was going to mention in the earlier post that fifteen minutes, for a lot of people, could mean the difference between having a job, and not having one. It seems more apropos now so I’m glad I saved it. Furthermore, more time for each individual at a docking station means less overall refuels per day, per docking station. This means more docking stations. This means an even greater footprint.

Not everyone has a life of leisure, where mundane diversions such as restaurants, cross-country trips, and movie features abound. Most are just lowly bushmen hunting for their next meal. And their vehicles are the spears.

Maybe you should think about that on your next cross-country excursion.

Take your time, no rush.

Slowly gaining dexterity in my opposable thumbs.

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