Hmmm. Interesting sentiment. Well, to address your first question about “super-spreader events”, I think the point to realize here is that it was the Democrats who preached a strict social distancing policy for the entirety of the pandemic, only to disregard those same policies directly after the election. And while admittedly, most were wearing a mask, it was also the Democrats who disseminated information about masks being only part of the solution to crushing the pandemic. This also enhances my stance on unverifiable facts. The point was, how are we to know which information is factual and which isn’t? We don’t, which is the definition of unverifiable.

I take pleasure in addressing the question of Trump himself. If you’re asking me if I personally think that Donald Trump is a crook who would do anything and everything he could to win/steal an election, my answer would be hell yes. Do I think he either faked having Covid or contracted it purposefully to sway public sentiment about the pandemic? Of course, I do. I’m not naive. But just because you know your opponent would definitely cheat doesn’t mean you should. That not only makes sense, but it also makes the most common of sense to me. Not to you??

Your last point is a tad bit absurd. I’m not sure if you noticed, but there’s a link to a local news article about a specific case of mistaken Covid-related death included in my article. I personally knew the guy — may he rest in peace. As I said, I can’t literally prove that the mainstream media didn’t “take his name off the board” so to speak, but again, I’m not naive. I know they didn’t. And I’m positive you know they didn’t either. Just imagine all the people who had co-morbidities that didn’t die from Covid, but whatever other ailments they were suffering from. But since they also contracted Covid in the same timeframe (also keep in mind the possibility of a false-positive test), they mistakenly (or purposefully) attributed the death to Covid. Do you think there’s a way to verify the distinction? You surely can’t be serious if you think you can.

I hope you don’t take my response in any way as an attempt to disparage you or your viewpoints, because that is not my intention. I welcome all intelligent discourse about my work, such as yours. I still maintain that the theme of the piece is solid, in my opinion. But unfortunately, theme is coincidentally the hardest thing to grasp about a written work.

Slowly gaining dexterity in my opposable thumbs.

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