Yes, the Left is extremely hypocritical, indeed. The Right, by definition, is very much closer to the ideal of “true Americanism” as envisioned by the founding members of this country. Those ideals being:

  1. Freedom of the People above all else, at any cost.
  2. Never compromising in Ideal #1, as a Republic, and never backing down or yielding to foreign influence, and
  3. Faith in God, and adhering to His tenets.

God, Guns, and Country baby.

While those ideals are albeit framed with a White Supremists' slant, they are however, the definition of “true American.” The Left wants to enjoy the fruits of these ideals, without actually adhering to the ideals themselves.

For example, take the Fascist act of forcing everyone to wear a covid mask, social distancing, and staying at home. This is a direct violation of Ideal #1. True Americans don’t give a damn about Covid. Only the strong shall survive. The Left want to post up impossibly unverifiable statistics to scare people into voting against the Republican leader (and probably having to take a vaccine, which who knows is contained in it). Then, THE SECOND that Republican leader gets defeated, they all run into the streets to celebrate, literally defying everything they’ve been saying for almost a year, with “super-spreader events" all over the country that dwarf any that Republican leader could ever dream to sanction.

And we all know where Liberals stand on Ideals 2 and 3. So in essence, following a Liberal policy is literally the definition of “Un-American” or even “Anti-American" at it’s worst.

Liberals are a very wiley sort, indeed. Old Ronnie is rolling around in his grave.

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